the no good for nothing bad day.

ever wake up and have that feeling that it's gonna be one of those days?

today i woke up with that feeling.

so i went back to bed.

i should have known it was something when i could not go to sleep until three am that my day had already started

after i arose from my slumber for the second time, i decided to go work out. get my head in a better place. then as soon as i had that thought, i thought about my car that needed to be repaired and that i had the time today to do it, so i needed to be proactive and not wait any longer.

$91.00 later, my oil was changed and the car was repaired.

here's the thing. i had had my emissions tested a little less than a month ago so i could get my new tags, and the batmobile, as the fellas like to call it, failed. so with not much extra time in my day to day, i had been waiting for a day like today to get the car repaired so it would pass.

car repaired. check. back to emissions. fail. times two.

do you know how frustrating it is to be driving on expired tags, looking out your window to the left and right hoping that a policeman will not get behind you? i have never thought i would be runnin' from the law, but... driving on expired tags not knowing what the heck is wrong with your repaired car? frustrating to say the least. and that is an understatement.

all the while this is going on, i am kinda on call for work. i would need to meet the heating and air guys as soon as they called. so knowing that at any moment they would call, makes me not want to get too wrapped up in anything else. i was wrapped up. and i wanted to scream. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CAR? WHY? I WANTED TO KICK IT.

all i want are my tags. the car works fine, mister, i promise.

he said i needed to finish my drive cycle and then he was sure i would pass.

dear mr. emissions guy,
i am a nanny. i take car of children for a living. i am not daryl waltrip. i do not know what a drive cycle is.
yours truly,

he told me after i explained to him -like that was going to suddenly change things- that i needed to call GMC. and they would help me.

oh, call the company that made my car and they would help? how long will that take, an hour? see i told you my attitude was bad.

by that time it was noon. the dear sirs with the heating and air had told me yesterday that they had a three hour job early in the morning today and then they would call as soon as that was complete. so i am thinking at any moment, the phone will ring.

finally at 2:03 with plans at four, i decide that i can wait no more, my patience for the day with everything was done. i also knew that since i still had work out clothes from this morning on that my plans at 4 were gonna need to be cancelled if i didn't get to get home soon and shower and looks presentable.

and to look presentable for some is harder than others.

don't judge.

i cancelled four oclock plans.
will meet the air guys tomorrow.
car still has expired tags.
still running from the law.
failed emissions test twice.
still do not know what a drive cycle is.
the phone line at GMC is busy.

did i mention that my blogger post page is not working correctly?
did i mention it was a VACATION DAY?

please feel sorry for me,
the bad attitude morrison lane blogger

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Alicia said...

I love you!!! even on a terrible day!

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