two parts happy.

start spreading the news...
ryan and jaime just had a new baby!
jackson miles.
he is precious and perfect in every way.
(at least from the pictures i have seen...i can't wait to get my hands on him.)
congratulations you two!  and big brother...
can't wait to see more pictures and watch him grow.

this peace of heaven is coming back to nashville in twenty two days!
she and her mom up and moved to SERBIA last year for a life changing adventure.
and they are almost home.
her top three things to do the moment she steps off the plane are:
claires jewelry store, alpha bakery and go see the fellas and their little sister.

and she being home means with her comes HER MOM!
[she's the one in the burberry nose cover for she is weird.]
the three amigos will be together again!

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bessie said...

This blog makes me happy. So many reasons to celebrate!!! :-)

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