you are beautiful.

she always felt like no one would ever really love her for just her.  in fact, on more than one occasion she was told that.  and after a while, she started to believe.  

and she had moments of revelations where she would begin to believe.  but then long ago would creep back in and tell her that she wasn't good enough and that no one would ever love her.  she hated herself for believing the lies.  because she was smart enough to know they were lies, but lies she believed.

so instead of being authentic and real, which she tried to be.  she was the giver.  she gave and gave and gave, often getting nothing in return.  she gave her time, material possessions...anything she would give for acceptance and to feel love.  and with giving and each smile, gratitude and thank you-she felt love.

what she didn't realize is that she was enough.  she was.  

even though her entire life she had always been enough, it took someone really loving her to make her heart heal and show her what it really felt to let love in.  and to give herself and that would be enough.  and if she had nothing to literally give, she was enough.  she was.

and slowly but surely time starts to heal and she learns she is beautiful and enough.

just for being.

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