i am legal!

today i started my day at 6:00 am.  if you are a mom or an early riser this is no big deal, i know, i know.

i am not a mom or a 6:00 am riser so it is a big deal. but i will say i have not felt the weather so cool and breezy since, like, february. i had to look around to make sure i was still in tennessee.  ("toto, we're not in kansas anymore.")

as i have already outed myself on several occasions by telling you that my tags are expired on my car after two failed trips to the emissions place and three trip to the mechanic, i was at a loss. apparently, the check engine light "just has an issue and comes on at will, ma'am."

and the whole 'coming on at will' thing will not let you pass your emissions test.
which in turn will not allow you to get your tags.
which in turn forces you drive illegally.
which in turns gives you an instant headache because you are looking for cops while you are driving.

and here is the thing. once the engine light goes off, you have to drive it 50 miles to pass the freaking 'drive cycle' before you come back to get your emissions retested. this has been my life for the past two months.

hi.  i'm jessica.  and i have expired tags.

my mom is stressed about it. she calls and asks me about it every day. and every day i tell her the same story. the one above. because it's a fact.

last week after much prayer and lividness, my check engine light went off. what the what! oh yeah, it did! really, it did. i know, i know! i was so scared to touch anything or do anything because that thing is tricky. it will go off and just when you think..."ah, time to head back to emissions." bing! on comes the light.


so all last week i drive it until i was for sure i had driven my 50 miles and today was the big day. i was at the emissions place with the sun. after twenty minutes of waiting, he said, "welp, here ya go."  

with sparkling eyes i said, "did i pass????"

"you sure did honey!"

third times a charm! i almost hugged him. i wanted to take him to breakfast.

speedy fast, while looking out for the po-lice, i headed to the county clerks to get my tags. and i am happy to report that $88.00 later, i am driving legally. no more paying attention for the police, nothing.  i can just drive and think and let my mind wonder. it's grand i tell ya.

and wouldn't you know it.  my parents were in nashville today. they made a surprise visit by to see me and the kiddos and the first thing my mom said, "did you get those tags, young lady?"

and i felt like i was twelve and had pulled one over on her as i said, "yep, sure did." i wanted to stick out my tongue just because it felt appropriate, but i kept it together. there were two five year olds watching me afterall.

what i did fail to mention was that i had actually only gotten them renewed today.

there are some things your mother just doesn't need to know.

the end.

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