looking for beer in all the wrong places.

five kids as opposed to three, that was my day.  so instead of painting my nails and doing yoga poses all day, i had to interact with the children.

we added two girls to the mix; four and six.  five children under the age of six, and one being a cute eleven month old. 

today she has no arms.  (that's a joke)  but today, her arms have to be sore, because she was pulled, rattled, rolled in every direction eleven month old possible and then some.  when it was nap time, she was never so relieved to get in her bed.  

three hours later it was back to face the four giants and we did it all over again.  she held on to me for dear life.  can't say i blame her.
this is pure joy.  well, by one party involved.  the other, the one with the pudgy arms - she is looking for her getaway route.  

she was being held tight, no worries.  this was a series of twenty to try and get her to smile.  bliss.

early in the day, there was a meeting held at the table by three of the five as to which pink shorts announced that she was not, in fact, 'gonna mawwy' orange little fella.  she was expecting him to beg, i gather.  he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "that's fine, i was gonna mawwy sarah anyway."

meeting adjourned.  no hard feewings.

then it was clean up time before lunch, well the knight in above picture was having a little trouble getting along with his other compadres.  so i told him that he had to come hang out in the kitchen with me for ten minutes.  after some hands on the hip action, which i let him know that i did not appreciate, he wised up and joined me for his extreme punishment of TALKING TO ME.

"but ms. jessica!  i do not want to be in the kitchen with you.  that is NOT FUN!"

"well, you made some bad choices, so you are gonna have to stay in the kitchen with me for ten minutes and then you can go back and play with your friends."

"ms. jessica, what will we TALK about?"

"what do you want to talk about?"

"oh, oh, so i am not in time out?  i just have to talk to you for a little while and kinda take a break?"


and all was well with the world.  who knew hanging out with the nanny while the other kids were playing could actually...be...fun...not torturous?  

good thing he had that knight costume on, he would have never made it.

we made it to lunch and the nanny rejoiced.  errr, i mean, the heavens rejoiced.  that's what i meant to say.  heavens rejoiced.  

i sent this picture to the fellas mom and dad and instantly i got an email back from their dad saying, "i leave the kids with you and you give them boot glasses filled with beer?"

to which i promptly email back, "i find it an effective sleep aid."

calm down, it was apple juice.  really, it was.  

i couldn't find the beer.

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