i met a boy at at a bar.

i dated a guy once.

we'll call him andy.

since that was his name.

i'm all clever like that.

i was about twenty as was he.  we met at graham central station in nashville, when i lived in clarksville and only went into the big city for big nights and special occasions.  this was a clear special occasion.

i am not a drinker.  i am not a partier.  i am not a bar attender (for the most part).  i don't really enjoy any of the three for i am bore-ing.

i was there.  i was trying to fit in.  i was trying to be cool.  there i go again.

good thing i finally figured out who i was...and am okay with it.  some people gotsta learn the hardway.

back to the story.

i am at graham, and i am cool...rocking my baby blue corduroys...i am sitting at a table while my friends are dancing.  could i sound any more like a bore OR a stick in the mud, geez.  i am feeling sorry for myself back in the day...

and as luck would have it... a whippersnapper by the name of andy walked by and chose to sit by me.  what i learned that night was that he was in the army and such...and we just talked about a lot of nothing while our friends were parading themselves on the dance floor.  until the bar closed at three and he asked for my number.


did you read that?

he asked for nerd-in-the-corduroy-pant-es number.

i was never so shocked in my life.  for i had just picked up a guy at a bar, i never.

so that was all fine and good, then we got stupid.  and offered he and his friends a ride home back to ft. campbell, ky where they were stationed because we were three single girls and the last thing we should have been doing was letting three men that we did not know get in our car.  and how in the heck did they get to nashville anyway?

i am never having children for this reason.

we drove them back to the barracks, i am sure i was twitter-pated just for the simple fact that he has asked for my number.

we got them home safe as well as ourselves.

(please do not email me and tell me that this is a bad idea to do, i am fully aware of this.  i was aware of it then as i am now.  it will not ever ever happen again.  thank you lord for keeping us safe.  no really, thank you lord for keeping us safe.)

i was so excited the next morning that a boy had asked for my number, that i could barely contain myself.

i was a live in nanny at the time, and the next morning i was telling the mom that i worked for all about it, and as i exclaimed, "he even asked for my number."  i dropped the hot iron that i was currently using on my leg and it singed, burnt my skin and i was in such bliss that i did not even notice.  i still have a scar.  she, being the sane an reasonable person that she is,  as opposed to the girl that just let three male strangers ride in her car and then burn her leg without noticing said, "now remember, just because he asked for your number, does not mean he will call..."

whatever lady.  he would call.

to be continued...

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