he called me.

please read tuesdays post before today's if you are just now tuning in, for this soap opera will be much better with the pre story.  this i know for sure.

sure enough, he called.

and asked me out.  except i would need to come and get him for he did not have a car.

no big deal, i had a car and boy + girl = date.  i was game.  game?  i was willing to come and get him in my automobile.

if you are non military and have no clue and are a twenty year old girl, getting on post, is no small task.  that was a long time ago and i still remember the complications...but my twenty year old heart told me he would be worth it...

i remember i had a crisp freshly ironed white button down on with jeans.  can we say classic and boring?  and totally not twenty.

poor guy.

as the night progressed it was air apparent that i was not going to like this guy.  he told me that he came from a lot of money, a lot of money.  yet he did not own a car?   he kept going on and on about how much money his parents had, i told him my dad was a mechanic and too bad he didn't have a car, because i could get him a deal if it ever broke down.

finally, the night ended and i took him home, he kissed me on the cheek.



he called the next day and asked me out again.  really?  was i that great?  seriously?  i thought i gave him the i-don't-think-i-like-you vibe, apparently i needed help perfecting that skill for he dialed my digits.

and the mom that i nannied for answered and instead of her getting the hand across the neck NO I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO HIM I AM NOT HERE, she said, "oh sure, here she is." all smiley like.  she was just thinking, "a boy is calling.  a boy is calling, she is not going to be single forever.  a boy is calling!'


so we talked...and i invited him over for halloween to hang out with me and the family i nannied for...throw him in the mix with three kids and he will not call again.  i got him now.

i went to get him.  i wore the baby blue cords again.  i was looking good, yes i was.  man, i miss those pants.

he was a hit with the kids.  darn!  and they loved him.  darn!  and he them.  darn!  he even drew them pictures and was very sweet to them.  so sweet, i decided that i just might like him again just a little.  after all the halloween festivities were over, and the kids were all tucked in bed we decided to watch a movie.

together.  on the love seat.

dear lord.  i am embarrassed writing this.
i think my face is getting all kind of red.

we decided on jerry mcguire.  i told fran (the lady that i nannied for) that we were going to watch a movie before i took him home...and she said, "oh, here, let me turn the lights off."

and of course i could not say, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and body slam her to the ground in front of him.

so there we sat, dumb and dumber in the dark.  alone.

half way through the movie, he said something under his breath...i said, "huh?"  he said the same thing a little louder...i said a little louder, "what did you say???"  he said, "can i hold your hand?"

woops jessica.  i said, "oh sure..."  bless his heart.

i am sure you can imagine the romatical factor and lovvvveeee oozing out of that dark room...

to be continued...

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