hi my name is jessica and i dated a guy with ammonia.

please read the post "i met a boy at a bar" and "he called" for the first and second installments of this romantical adventure.

after the movie ended i took him home after i tore my hand out of his that is....

i liked him a little but really thought it was going no where, but am really bad about breaking up with boys (usually i leave that to bessie) so i just said a quick prayer that he would not call me again.

and he didn't...

for a week.

and who would answer the blasted phone when he called...oh yeah...she did.  and i was doing the NO I AM NOT HERE DANCE...the hand across the throat move...the hiding under the table then running to my room move until i hear, 

"jessicaaaaaaaaaaaa...it's for you."

really?  really?

i look at her.  she looks at me.  and she mouths, "be nice to him, he has been in the hospital and he likes you!"


i take the phone begrudgingly.


he immediately starts apologizing all over himself for not calling.  he says that he had been in the hospital and that he had been really sick.

and i am a nice girl  and even though i thought it best that he not call anymore, because (1) i stink at cutting ties and breaking up and (2) i just knew this was going no where and (3) i was tired of picking him up... i felt sorry for the guy.  he had been in the hospital for a week sick and i knew nothing about it.  that is sad and i felt sorry for him.  really, i did.

so i asked him what was wrong, what he had.

he said, "i have ammonia."

chirp, chirp...

did he just say 'ammonia?"  cause i think he did.

so i say, "oh you mean pneumonia?  oh that is terrible, are you okay?

he said, "no it is ammonia i have."

what i immediately wanted to say and still regret to this day is "well, what have you been cleaning?" 

after about thirty more seconds, we said good bye.


i hope he survived ammonia.  i hear it is some rough stuff.

hi my name is jessica and i dated a guy with ammonia.  ammonia, like the cleaning product.  oh yes i did.

the end.


Peyton Dukes said...

this ending is sad. i feel depressed now.

jessica said...

but peyton, just think i would have never gotten to meet you if i was still hanging around with ammonia fella!

Peyton Dukes said...

True dat!

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