sorry for that.

when i grow up i would like to be a photographer.  a professional blogger via photography wouldn't be too shabby either.

i thought i wanted to be a special educator, and i do.  and feel like i am, i have the degree.

i thought i want to be a hair stylist, and i am.  i have two clients.  occasionally.  success, no.  skill, possibly.

i wanted to be a wife.  well, that i can't accomplish alone.

i wanted to be a mother, so i chose the next best thing.  nanny.

photographer though.  here's the thing.  in photography it is up to you and you alone.  i like that.  i like it a lot.  your camera is your best friend, your biggest enemy, your freedom, your eye, everything.  mostly, it is yours.  the end result is what you see. what you saw.

it's pretty cool.

but whatever you do, do not let someone else take our camera.  because this will happen.
and this is rather unfortunate, but happens more often than not when my camera is forced from my hands, i make an obnoxious face so i will not be forced into posing.  and here, i was not even trying to be obnoxious.  i was just saying, "nooooooooooooo." you see it, don't you?

please say you do.

see the guy beside me, he is really really embarrassed.  and he had to sit by me the whole game.  poor guy.

one day i'll get it together.  one day.

but until then...
i can't help who i am.

this blog was brought to you by burts bees wax for it saved my life that day.  i had been chapped for a week and then i got my hands on that stuff and life was good again.

that is all i can bear for now.

good bye.

p.s.  please take a moment out of your day today and read  because she will make your heart warm and make you thankful.  and after you read her blog, read about her.  her blog inspires me from the inside out daily.

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