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last friday on my way to work, in my hurry to get to starbucks and to get a skinny, decaf, iced white mocha with no whip {nothing complicated there, folks} grande - i noticed for the second time this week a gentleman, we'll call him ben.

some of my favorite people are ben's.  and when i think of that name, you just can't help but think 'that's just a nice guy....  don't you agree?

oh heck.  wait a minute.  i just remembered that the bad guys name on LOST which i have recently become addicted's [LOST, not ben] name is ben.  and he is not a nice guy.  that show!


we are still going to name him ben because of my previous said thoughts in the second paragraph.  keep it together jessica.  it's just a blog.

ben has been on the corner of my road for the last two days selling the nashville contributor.  this is a paper written by the homeless, about the homeless.  you have to have been homeless or currently homeless to sell the paper.  the paper cost $1 and ben gets seventy five cents for every paper he sells.  pretty cool huh?  if you have seen one of these guys (or girls around town) in nashville, take a moment to notice them.  

we all have value and something good to offer.

you could buy a paper with insight that you might not already have for one dollar once a month and change a life.  

take a moment today and read about this paper and how it got started and the good it is doing.  

remember, every one has a story, even these guys.

All of the vendors selling this paper have experienced homelessness and they keep the profit from each paper that they sell. They start out with free papers, and, if they like selling, they return and purchase their supply for 25¢ each, sell them on the street for $1 and keep the profit.
Vendors have the opportunity to earn additional free papers by pursuing greater involvement in The Contributor by writing stories, photographing events, recruiting other quality vendors, and attending monthly paper release meetings.


frenchpress said...

Hey there! Thanks for the post. Our website is

jessica said...

thanks for the comment, and i JUST realized i had (dot) com on the website address. i fixed it, now was are all linked together... :-)

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