my aunt sheron.

my aunt sheron fell and broke her hip.

she is one of my favorite people in the entire world.  if we were not forced to love each other because we are family, i would still love her like family.  because she is one of the most remarkable women ever.

here are a few traits that describe her:
patient, kind, loving, selfless, beautiful, giving, talented, creative...the list goes on and on...

growing up, i spent a lot of time at her house.  she lived (and lives) at the end of morrison lane.  so i would walk over daily, until i could drive the forth of a mile (drive in the '76 dodge dart that is, man, i loved that car...)  we would spend quality time together.


we would talk and laugh.  i would tell her everything and she me.  we would watch movies and go 'to town' together.  she has never gotten mad at me, never said a cross word to me, only showered me with unconditional love.  and i know she loves me.

that is a good feeling.

knowing without a shadow of a doubt that someone is in your corner and loves you to death.

that's her.

when i see her, she makes my heart happy.  if you know her, you know what i am talking about.  because they don't get much sweeter and kinder than aunt sheron.

i have always said that i wanted to name a child after her one day.  but here's the thing, i just can't see a baby named sheron.  i can't.

her middle name is eve.  and she hates it.  so that would not be the tribute to give a child a name she hates.  and eve, let's be honest, would i be doing my child any favors...she was the first female that had a hiccup in the bible.  thanks a lot eve...

but iris.  i think that is a lovely name.  and for years and years, she has grown and created lovely irises in her iris bed.  i think iris is a most lovely name.  what do you think?

not only is she awesome, as you read above, but she is the most creative person ever.

she can smock and sew, create, has good handwriting, she is an excellent cook and...gardener...and iris grower.

my uncle barry did good when he found her.  lucky guy.

get well aunt sherry, i love you.

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