knoxville tennessee

it's funny, things and places you know nothing about are sometimes just mysteriously cool.  like knoxville for example.

yes. knoxville, tennessee.

a.k.a.  go vols.  (be quiet, melinda.  i know you love them!)

knoxville, tennessee.  all my life when i heard of that place, i just thought about phil fulmer and football...thrown in with a little pat summitt.  even though it was only four hours give or take from my hometown of clarksville, it still just seemed like a cool place to belong.

in college, i started going to games {when the free tickets were offered.  uh huh.} and it did not disappoint. orange every where you looked, and a lot of tennessee pride.

lately, i get to go there more because of this guy.  

and when i was there last, he took me to some touresty stops along the way, and i have pictures to prove.
check out dude's overalls sans underwear.  it is unfortunate that i know that.
he also had on knee socks with cowboy boots and it was 100 degrees.
no thanks.
who knew orange was such a popular color?
i have always been rather fond of the goodyear blimp.  i would also like to ride in that thing one day.
things took a turn for the worse walking home from the game and got all spooky.
by the looks of things, i think it's obvious he adores me.
my personal tour guide.
we can not get it together.  i am in left field somewhere.  there was no way i was looking down, can you imagine how even more unflattering that would have looked?  i am no dummy.

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