ironman, ironman style.

this weekend, the little fellas dad competed in the lousville ironman.

let's go over this.
2.4 mile swim 
112 bike ride
26.2 run (that's a marathon folks...and that is after the swim and bike)

all of this to become an ironman.  dedication.  determination.  and just all out...WOW.  

and ouch...

and if you are five and his twin sons, you might think that your dad was going away to become a superhero...ironman, in fact.

while he was away swimming, biking and running...we were getting the ironman (literally) surprise party ready back at home.  let's be honest, who had the tougher job?

banners to make, cakes to write on and kids to watch.  shew.

i did the writing on the cake.  it looks like a twelve year old did it, but i felt very accomplished.  the fellas were just stressed that i put REAL ironmen in the icing.  trust me, there were tears.  until i convinced them they could be washed and dried.  the stress i put those guys through, really.
polka dots and "our dad is awesome."  this banner only fell 1,456,478 times before the party started.  but at least it was cute.  
  i am an 'M' failure.  i am. (alicia, if you are reading, i know this M is disappointing to you and i am sorry)  and i apologize to you that you have to see this jacked up M.  but after throwing away four others...i decided some things are not important.  oh, and i had to feed the baby.  oh, where are the kids...?
i hate balloons.  well, blowing them up.  look at me go.
he's had better days.  we are working on his glutes and calf muscles.  he will thank me later.  oh wait, maybe he won't.  he is not real.  riiiiiiiiight.
(up above)  i love you. i hope you have a good party.
(below)  you trained really good for the race.  you are really strong.  hope you do good at the race.  i hope you get a gold medal.

sweet boys love their daddy.
da real ironman, live and in person.
tanks for mys new toy, daddy.  it taste weally weally goods.

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Alicia said...

M? WHAT M? seriously, i looked at the picture and then read the caption and had to GO BACK to check out the "failed M", i didn't notice it! so, in fact, you are not an M failure! besides, nothing could possibly go wrong with handmade banner! LOVE IT! you are amazing!

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