but i follow you...

because of an unfortunate tragedy, i was able to spend some time with one of my oldest friends this weekend.  we have not seen each other in way too long, she has lived in two different state since we saw each other last.  i have lived in two different houses.  last time we saw each other, we were going to see oprah.  hoping to vie for some freebies.  we got the lamest show ever.  so we decided that our friendship needed to end.

no, not really.

it has been too long.  and it was nice to see her.  and talk to her and hug her and tell her life would be okay.  and even though it was hard now, better days are ahead.  we talked and talked and talked about where life had taken us.  what we are doing and what adventures are waiting for us out there in the big bad world.  there were lots of laughs, a few tears in the eyes but mostly a mutual love and respect that we have for each other and our stories.

we talked about old times.
growing up.
good times.
her brother.
and how old we really were.

it's funny.  because even though we go for months, sometimes years without seeing each other or even talking.  we keep up.  as we were talking, we were saying how we don't walk enough and we don't see each other enough and then she said, "but i follow you..." and that's at the heart of our friendship.  we are connected, we follow each other and we know each other successes and life.

and even though it's not the day to day.  we are fans of each other.

i guess fate knew over twenty years ago that today and long after we would still be friends.

love you clarissa.

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