i can be your hero, baby.

one of my biggest fears came true last week.  

i have always feared, worried...whatever you want to call it - that i would get hurt while nannying and and the kids would be left without care.  proper care.  hurt meaning, really sick suddenly, falling...you get the picture. i think it is a pretty rational fear and probably mothers think about this as well.

last week as the little fellas, the baby and myself were headed out to play on our jolly way - i tripped and lost my footing and lost complete control of my body.  and a fall is a fall...but i was holding the eleven month old.  and i was falling on rock.

and all i could think about in that split moment of loss of control was protecting the baby.  make your body move in what ever way it needs to jessica, so the baby does not hit her head. literally that was my thought.  and at the sake of my knee, my right foot and my elbow. i managed to somehow get her in a cradle position so she stayed safely tucked in my arm the entire time and when we fell she was still safe and secure in my arm.  

i think she clapped when we both sat up and looked at each other.

my knee was bloody, my ankle was throbbing but i knew i had to gather myself because i had three sets of eyes on me.  needing me to be okay.  and i knew i was okay.  so after talking everything out and assuring two very inquisitive five year olds that "no, in fact i did not drop their baby" and that i was fine and after a few rounds of "poor ms. jessica."  

it was over. as quick as it happened.

what could have been a traumatic head injury to a baby ended up being nothing but a bum knee and foot to the nanny.  because i can take it.

i keep thinking how amazing it is, when you need to do something even when it is out of the norm and it does not feel right...if the will power is there.  it will get done.  my body was falling in a way it had never fallen before, i twisted and bruised myself up but in the fall i knew i had to shield little bit and that is just what i did.

and thankfully i loved to tell about it.

hopefully, my heart rate will slow down eventually.  

i can be your hero, baby.

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Anonymous said...

Nice save. A few years ago, I did the same thing with my new ipod nano. Was falling face first, then managed to flip and land flat on my back with the ipod held high in the air. Whew! (glad she's safe)


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