michael bolton likes velour.

thursday night, we went to see michael bolton.  yes, the one, the only...time, love and tenderness bolton.  you read that right.  and as corny and as cheesy and as i-know-you-are-kinda-snickering-to-yourself because you think you are big and bad and would never ever want to see him.  he was awesome, thank you very much.

Most of Bolton's recordings are original material; however, he has also written songs for such artists as Conway TwittyBarbra StreisandKissKenny RogersKenny G,Peabo Bryson and Patti LaBelle.[citation needed] Bolton's early songwriting collaborators included Doug James and Mark Mangold, and as his fame grew he began to cowrite with higher-profile writers such as BabyFaceDiane Warren, and Bob Dylan.[citation needed]
As a singer, he has performed with Plácido DomingoLuciano PavarottiJosé CarrerasTony CetinskiLucia AlibertiRenée FlemingZuccheroPatti LaBelleCéline DionRay CharlesPercy SledgeWynonna Judd, and BB King.[citation needed

did you know he started recording music in 1975?  did you know also that it is 2010?  that is 35 years of the musical styling of sir michael bolton.  that is some longevity.

enough with the actual facts.  let me tell you the actual facts of thursday night.

i assumed that we would be the only kids our age there.  wrong.
i assumed the majority of the crowd would be 50+ women.  right.
i did not assume that these 50+ women all thought he would pick them to take home.  right.

because after two velour blazers; aqua-ish green and black to be exact, and a shirt that was opened enough to show all his manly chest hair and then another change into the black polo.  suddenly something happened.

what was a group of ga-ga females of said age who were civilized - sitting in their appropriate places - suddenly a mosh pit happened, with roses being handed to michael at every turn.  ladies that had probably celebrated their 30th, maybe 50th wedding anniversary were dying at the touch of his hand.

requirement to be in the makeshift mosh pit:
white hair sprayed with aqua net.
comfortable hushpuppy like shoes.

unfortunately, we did not qualify.

and as classic and as awesome and as you-can-sing-every-word the songs were.  michael was serious and intense even down to the back up singers and their dance moves.

yes, you read that right.  back up singers.  dance moves.
dance moves that were choreographed in 1975 when he first started recording, i do believe.

his voice though.  smooth tenor.  and just good.  great even.

what i will tell you...as much fun as i had watching from a far the old old ladies loving them some bolton.  we actually met him too.  touched him, talked to him.  because we are cool.  and we are secret wanna be in the mosh pit but are just too young kinda people.

the end.

go ahead, give yourself permission it's okay...sing it and sing it loud with your head thrown back...when love puts you through the fire, when love puts you through the test, nothing heals a broken heart like time, love and tenderness...

p.s.  since i have wikipedia'ed him to death this morning, i have also uncovered that he is about to be a grandfather.

just call me nancy drew.

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Alysia. :D said...

So....why did you rate a chance to meet Sir Michael (& yes, I might be snickering a little)? Were your roses the freshest? Did he like the particular shade of undies that you threw at the stage? ;)

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