hugh hefner(s), a tutu and a cowgirl

warning:  this post contains partial nudity.

calm down.

here's what me and my phone have been doing lately.

if a picture's worth a thousand words, i am one rich lady!

1.  they have a red robes on their body.  2.  they can blow up balloons.  these two reasons make them they coolest five year olds on the planet.  at least this is what THEYYYY think.
he likes to sport sir urkel while wearing his robe, no need to pull her down even
if you are sans underwear...
i said, "smile"  this is what i got.  they are way too cool for me.  waaaay.
then his inner urkel came out and the red power ranger appeared.  bless them.
and this whole being a girl and wearing a tutu can prove to be a stressful life occurrence.
cowboys apply here.

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Lacie said...

Too cute!

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