kind words does a body good.

i received this email last week.  it made me have tears in my eyes and made my heart happy.

BTW--I was talking to a friend the other day about when I used to work in Nashville and she couldn't believe I had all three kids and worked a ("big"--her word) job as an attorney at the same time.  She asked me how I did it and I said, "Honestly, I was only able to do it because I had the absolute best nanny in the whole world."  I told her that I started off in Nashville with not the best nanny in the world and it wasn't working, but after I got you, it was easier to work than not work.  I think you know by now how much you mean to us, but I hope you also know how much value you added to all of our lives on a dialy basis when we were working together in Nashville.  It would not have worked without you.
          LOVE, me. 

it was my pleasure going to work every day and hanging out with what started as two and ended with three...of the coolest and sweetest blondies i know.

now though, i just have to go to chicago often to see them.

because I DIE for that face of that little one, and just to hang out and talk sports with that big boy and being a girl with that girl.

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The Richardsons said...

So sweet!

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