words with friends.

i'll be the first to admit that i am completely addicted to the 'words with friends' app on my iphone.  it's pretty much scrabble anywhere anytime, except you can't look over your friends shoulder and see their letters and sometimes you just don't know who you might be playing with...and you can chat if you are so inclined.  

i am usually not inclined.
it is a great reprieve for one minute or an hour - whatever you want.  and you can play anytime, and games can last for days.  

but here's the kicker.

i have the free app installed on my telephone because...

i am cheap.

and for free, you get these advertisements between each play.
this fella comes up more often that not.  and here are my issues with this ad.
1.  would anyone ever REALLY download this app to find singles?
2.  and is this the best choice in men in luring the females?
3.  i mean, really?
4.  he has gel in his hair and a popped collar.  really?

and when theo, up above gets tired, you get this app:
and again i say, who would REALLY download this app.  get flirty?  what's the point really?  and why?

am i just old and boring, or am i making sense, smart and extremely wise?

if you decide to answer the above question, please answer only to the first.  other than that, keep your opinions to yourself.  please and thank you.

although, not gonna lie...kinda wish my backside looked a little (a lot) more like miss. flirty pants.  

and then we have this:
which only makes me laugh because i think she is the perfect match for:
matter of fact, i think they are happily married with 2.5 kids, picket fence and everything.

oh theo and stacy.  we are on to you.

p.s.  if you have an iphone/ipad - lets play.  my 'words with friends' name is 'morrisonlane' because i am all original like that.

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Alysia :D said...

I love that game! I check it every day, several times a day...more often than fb. And I like to play 5-8 games at a time! Too fun! However I see it as exercise for a mom brain that spends too much time crafting, playing with barbies, & watching the same episode of spongebob for the 10th time that week! Btw, it is amusing to see what the ads say because they are all in German on my phone. So... My screen name on words is kaffeekatzen@googlemail.com if you want to match wits with another geek. :)

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