33 men are breathing new life again.

unless you live in a cave or have been trapped in a mine for 69 days (bad joke, i know i know...), you have probably heard of the chilean mine and the story that finished unfolding last night as we all watched with our eyes glued to the television.

i will be the first to admit, i was pretty ignorant about everything that had unfolded in the last sixty nine days until i educated myself in the last week or so.  but for the past two days anytime i was in control of the remote, around a television or the internet i was watching, listening and reading their stories.  and last night, we all watched as the last miner (i actually tweeted "only one more minor to go! #chileminors" and immediately saw the error in my words...so i had to retweet and be clever "miner, not to be confused with one who is under age #chileminers" --- sometimes i amuse myself even) was rescued and then one by one the five rescue workers, until everyone was safe.

here are some facts that i heard last night while watching CNN:

*one miner ran five miles a day while he was under ground.  what's your -my- excuse?

*several miners lost 20 or more pounds so they would be able to fit in the tube.  awesome.

*the capsule - a cylinder thirteen feet in height and twenty two inches in diameter.  claustrophobic anyone?

*one gentleman had a wife and girlfriend, who were both holding vigils for him while he was trapped.  more people praying...

*a wife of one of the miners gave birth to a baby while her husband was trapped and named the child a name which means "hope."  love.

*they were trapped over 2,000 feet below the surface.  no thanks.

*phoenix was the name of the life saving capsule.  cool.

*i never want to be a miner.  ever.

*one typo and you have, what should be miner...moner and minor.  and spell check thinks they are both right.  spell check does not watch the news.  i spelt miner with both alternate spellings while writing this blog.

AP/Hugo Infante, Chilean government


take a moment and read more about this and watch, for it truly is a miracle and think everyone that was watching last night felt that exact same way.  as the days and months unfold, these 33 will become instant celebrities and for a while we will watch their lives unfold.  i wish the miners and their families the best as they recover from this life changing event.

this takes the phrase...everyone has a story to a whole new level. 

i, for one, want one of those snazzy windbreakers the president of chile was wearing.

every day, every life is a miracle...and last night that became more true for 33 men trapped beneath the surface as they one by one arose to greet life again.

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