i have...


today's just one of those days where i feel like i need to count my blessings extra and be more aware of how blessed my life has been and continues to be.

some days, the grind wears at you - days turn into weeks and it's the same old thing, and you forget to take notice of all the blessings around you.  around me.

i have a nice car that is mine that can take me anywhere i want to go.
i have a job where i feel fulfilled.
i have healthy relationships and to many friends to count.
i have parents that love me and tell me that.  parents that pray for me.
i have a healthy body and brain. (no comments on the brain part, please...)

there are blessings all around me, yet i get so busy and get frustrated with the day to day that i forget to stop and be thankful.  for it all.  all the gifts that god has given to me just because i have his favor.

today i am thankful.

thankful and blessed.

thank you.

your thankful blogger, jessica,

what are you thankful for today?

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