things i appreciate about my mom, volume 42.

dear mom, 

even though you have no computer and do not read my blog, there are still some things you need to know that i appreciate about you.  maybe i ill write you one of those handwritten notes you are so good at when i am finished with this here electronic note i am writing you that you will not read.

your favorite daughter, jessica

things i appreciate about my mom:

i appreciate that you went ahead and gave me that bracelet when i turned twenty one and as you handed it to me said, "i was going to wait until you got married to give you this, but thought i might should go ahead..."  

i appreciate the fact that you did not get mad at me when i saw it fit to cut a hole in the bottom (read: rear end...) of my new expensive preemie baby doll that my cousin dawn and i had matching ones, so i could tell which one was mine.  the one with the cotton coming out of the whole cut on the baby's bottom was mine.  i never forgot or was confused.  neither were you.  i have always been savvy like that and good with scissors.

i appreciate that fact that even though you gave me those gold hoops for graduation, you kept them, i really didn't like the teal and purple on them any way.  and i would have probably lost them.

i appreciate that you taught me how to love and serve.  by watching you love my dad and serve others.

i appreciate that you taught me how to entertain.

i appreciate that even though i didn't get home til 3 am from youth group that time and when i walked in the door you said "young lady, go to bed.  you are going to get it in the morning" that i never got it in the morning.

i appreciate the fact that you always let me have friends over anytime i wanted and as many as i wanted, and that you let us have fashion shows, take showers and run the halls at all hours of the night as you and dad pretended to sleep never getting on to us or saying a word.  and then getting up bright and early to cook us a home made breakfast of anything we requested.

i appreciate that you were so excited about my twin boy cabbage patch kid dolls that i had wanted for christmas that you pulled the car over on the way to aunt soulas and just gave them to me a month before christmas.

i appreciate that fact that even though in my four year old brain, i thought it would be a good idea to cut my friends long blond hair, pretending to be betty john (your beautician), that when her mother and you saw the result and caught me red handed... and liked to have died because what was long beautiful hair, i made into the biggest short mess kept me and even let me sleep inside that night, i appreciate that...i really really do.

i appreciate that the night i gave all my strawberry shortcakes away including the gazebo because my friend liked them, that you didn't get mad.  you realized early i had a giving heart and got that about me.  and it was okay.

i appreciate that fact that when we went to shoneys last month and you got a LARGE piece of chicken off the hot bar instead of just the salad bar that you ordered for ate it in a flash and said, "i just had to get it jessica, it looked so good..."  and when i said, "well, you better hide it with your napkin when the waitress comes back" - that you hid it with your napkin and we laughed so hard that water was coming out of our nose.  (p.s. then that napkin that was hiding that large piece of fried chicken from the waitress, dad being oblivious to our cahoots, he grabbed that napkin to wipe his mouth and mom jerked it out of his hand and covered her chicken back up...all with dad staring at her like...what just happened?)

mom i appreciate you for your humor.  for your love.  for you.  and for stealing fried chicken and hiding it with your napkin.

the end.

(i stole this idea from blog because she is awesome.  if you don't read her blog, head over and have a look for she excels in everything.  i love her.)

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