mr. bwad vs. ms. jethica.

it's an on going battle here, it really is.  and it's getting more and more fierce.

i should be the hands down favorite for i wipe their bottoms, wipe their faces, pick the boogers from their noses, cut their finger get the picture.

pick me!  pick me!  should not be what is going on here.

then mr. bwad (that's his name around these parts) started coming over and instantly they feel in love because he is a big boy, and he 'gets down to business on the wii' and looks up secret passwords on the computer for the wii and watches thundercats and eats pizza.

sometimes during the day while they are playing in their room, i can hear them say, "let's ask mr. bwad when he gets here, he will know the answer!"  and when he gets there, he always knows the answer.

and then when i come to work in the evenings and bring mr. bwad with me, they run right past me to greet him and trip over their words they are so excited to see him.  this happens every time they see him.

thanks a lot guys.  don't worry about ms. jessica, i'll just be in here folding your clothes and fixin' your dinner!

the other day while we were headed to school, one of the fellas said, "you know, ms. jethica, i am all about mr. bwad.  if i had two hundred and fifty moneys, i would give it all to him!"

to which the other little fella said, "it's okay, ms. jessica.  i am all about you.  if i had moneys, i would give them to you."  (sweet fella, really is all about mr. bwad as well, but he just doesn't want me to be left out...)

and then all about mr. bwad said, "well, then i would steal all your moneys and give them to mr. bwad and he would have all the moneys!  hahahahaha"

the latest snide comment i heard was, "if mr. bwad and you were in a race, i would cheer for mr. bwad to win!"
and, of course, as soon as little bit sees him, she lunges into his arms.  the baby....i am not even good enough for the baby.

good thing i like mr. bwad too...

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