bubba. bottoms. blowout.

two blogs IN A DAY!  i know, you are so excited you can barely stand it...

last night this happened.  isn't it pretty?
{it's a rainbow -that's for all my readers who are color blind- you can thank me later}
 the reason i was able to take in all this beauty while standing on the side of the road ON THE INTERSTATE was because this happened too...
 that is not a drivable tire, folks.  can we cay blow out?  one more time...BLOW OUT.
 thank goodness i wasn't alone.  or it would have really been a predicament.  or what if...i was alone and my cell phone was dead? 
 there in lies the predicament.
 all of this went down here, at exit 19, so close...yet so far away.

 once more...dear exit 19, i wold have been happy to pass you by.  
but it made for a pretty picture, huh?  
that's what's important.  
pretty pictures.
and using more of my cell phone battery...while i am stranded.
i am also very smart.

 BUBBA to the rescue!  
really, do i have the best big brother or what?  
he came speedy fast (an hour later...love you bubba!)
and fixed my tire in no time flat, like 10 minutes.
that's amazing.
he also drove on the wrong side of the interstate to get to me faster.
because he is that cool.
 he and i have similar backsides.
notice all the extra room back there, well...
we are more alike that i thought.
 bubba's bottom.
 now that is a MAN right there.  a busted tire, laying on the side of the interstate under my car.
no thank you.
but thank YOU, bubba!
dear bubba,
thank you for coming to the rescue last night.  because you made everything okay.  i would have taken you to dinner but when i asked you, you said, "naw, i got food at home!" and looked at me like i was nut-so.  can't say that i blame you, i am a little nut-so and i am sure you had food at home.  someday though, i will buy your dinner and you will like it.
love your bratty little sister (he wrote that in my annual in kindergarten),
jessica f. morrison


my bad!  my bad?  or is it my bat?  think i should stick with uppppseeedaisy.  here are some uppppseeedaisies of late.
{1} my youth pastors wife (<---read her blog!  they are hosting an exchange student and she has great stories to tell!) sent me a sweet note the other day and mentioned my dancing brad blog.  i always love getting notes from her and talking to her.  we love each other.  so in my response to her comments about my blog being funny, i wrote in her email "i had to bed brad for a week to get those pictures on my blog!" 
spell check does not catch correctly spelled words.  
uh hummm.
thank the good lord in heaven i reread that thing and quickly corrected it to say what i had intended on saying "i had to BEG brad for a week to get those pictures on my blog!"
can you even imagine if i would have pushed send?

{2} this morning i was talking to brad and we were discussing politics.  which was very one sided and and just sarcasm on my end because i know nothing about politics, other than obama is in fact president. well, i know a little more than that...but not really.

he was complimenting al gore and all his achievements.  and i said, "he can't even spell potato!"  and he looked at me like i was an idiot and said..."that was DAN QUAYLE!"

oh yeah.  sorry about that.


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