cooking for two.

i suck.  at this.  i can cook for ten or twenty.  but cooking for two has me drawing straws.  it's almost like i am expecting more people to just show up and i can say, "hey, dinner is on the table."  

but today i did it.  i did.

i made rice, my mom's chicken and green beans for dinner and after it was all said and done.  there was only one piece of chicken left.

i know, now i am just showing off.  but let me, just for a minute...please?

because i am riding the cloud of success and because i am nice and i like to share things, i will give you the recipe for my mom's chicken.  for it is super scrumptious.

jane's chicken
1 can of dried beef (this is hard to find at the grocery and is with the a small see through glass jar)
cream of chicken soup (i get the fat free or 98% fat free kind)
small thing of sour cream (i also get the fat free or reduced fat, you can not tell the difference)

thaw out the chicken (duh, i know, i know).  if they are big pieces, i usually cut them in half.  place two pieces of dried beef around the chicken and then wrap the bacon (uncooked - i know you know this...but just in case...) around the chicken and dried beef.  place in casserole dish.
mix the sour cream and cream of chicken soup and pour it over the chicken, beef and bacon and cook at 350 degrees for an hour or so.  

it comes out pretty an ready to eat and it is the best thing ever.

serve with rice.  the sauce that the soup and sour cream creates is so flavor filled that you will want to use it as 'gravy' for your rice.

i usually serve green beans as my vegetable with this as well.  it is a pretty dinner and tasty too.  and if you use the lower fat portions, not terrible for you.

lots of times, i leave out the bacon just to avoid the extra calories.  and because i always seem to forget it at the grocery.'s really good left over and reheated the next day.

except if you are like me and make just enough for two and then have nothing left.

your chef extraordinaire


FreeFlying said...

1.) Is it so sad that I always make the recipes for 4 because we're totally gluttonous enough to take it down in one sitting?

2.) Congratulations on your triumph!

3.) I'm totally going to try that recipe. But probably instead of skipping the bacon, we'll add extra. Because, see #1.

jessica said...

you are awesome, it is so so so good. you will not be disappointed! that was mom's go to recipe any time we had company growing up because it is NO FAIL! :-)
thanks for reading!

jessica said...

p.s. LACIE! "free flying" threw me off, or i would not have been so polite. and i would not have said "thanks for reading!" instead i would have said "you better keep reading!'

you rock and so does your blog, free flyer, tickets for two, operation random.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen or heard of dried beef before. I will hunt it down! Sounds delicious!

jessica said...

it is so so good! its by the tuna/spam (gross) isle. in a little clear glass jar. let me know if you make it and what you think! so so yummy!

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