pun'kin carving will do a body good.

one of the little fellas has been sick lately and has felt like doing a lot of nothing - besides playing wii and watching tom and jerry, of course.  he really has felt bad, but tuesday he got a burst of energy and we went crazy and carved a pun'kin.

he volunteered to take pictures if i would get the gooey stuff out of the inside.  i obliged.  i kinda like the gooey stuff in a weird kinda therapeutic way.

i have issues, hear me roar.

so while i was busy 'doing' - he was capturing it all on iphone camera.  and he didn't drop my phone one time.  i love that boy.

and might i add, he can take a pretty good picture.  i kinda want to take credit for the pictures...

but without further aduuuuuuuuuuu.....introducing...

pun'kin carving by jessica.
photos by my little fella.

and i know who did the better job.

i do.  i do.

thanks for showing me up, dude.

i thought you were sick?

p.s. that pumpkin is EXACTLY what the little fella requested.  MEAN eyes...and those are EVIL!  and a triangle nose with a MEAN mouth.  and he was pleased.

so stop the snickering at my lack of pun'kin skills because in a five year olds eyes i achieved perfection.

happy halloween to you too, boo.

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