oh mildred.

there she be.  my car.  let me tell you a story about her.  we shall call her mildred because i am rather fond of that name.  and that's might be all she's got going for her.

the trouble with mildred.
by:  jessica frances morrison

mildred has been having some troubles.  it started back in the early spring when she just started to not be as bright as she used to be.  she would be doing fine and then BAM! memory laps and it was like there were no lights on upstairs.  thankfully, with a quick push of a button we could get her back to bright before all hope was lost.

after going through this for days and weeks, i took her in to the doctor.  he told me that everything seemed to be working fine, he didn't know what the problem was.  thank you doctor.

so the lights thing.  it keeps happening...one moment we are good.  the next nothing.

but mildred and i.  we are dealing, because i love her so.

then mildred.  oh mildred.  she just can't keep up anymore.  and her gas gage just is weak and broken.  she is tired.  i will try and give her a fill up.  and i do, fill 'er up.  and still nothing.  she is runnin' on E.  so to make things easier on mildred and myself, i just keep up with her mileage now.  every three hundred miles, i know that she is gonna be running low on fumes and will need a pick me up of the gasoline.  we have a system and it seems to be working fine.

lights on.  lights off.
gas.  no gas.

but i begged of mildred..."please, oh please.  have mercy.  i can't take anymore of your antics."

and then this weekend, we are together again.  and suddenly, ZOOM...i look and mildred is going at speeds of upwards one hundred thirty.  and i say to mildred, "mildred, mildred, mildred...what ARE YOU doing?"  her speedometer.  broken.  so when mildred is feeling like a normal 55 mph day, it looks like she is really having a 130 mph kinda day.  and i am at my wits in.

she is bigger than me and is really getting hard to handle.  but from the outside looking in, she seems to be great.  but if you get to the heart of mildred.  you never know what you will get.  sometimes she is bright and then nothing.  she is always running on E.  and then to top it all off now, she is a hyper active 130 mph at all times even when she is stopped.

and i am at zero.  so i say to mildred.  "you better shape up girl...or we are going to have to go our separate ways."  i ain't sceeered.

the end.

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