dear buzzard bluff.

sunday before heading home from a weekend in knoxville, braddstudios and myself made a quick trip up to buzzard bluff in harriman, tennessee to lookout over the vast east tennessee land.  braddstudios had been up there with his brother and uncle weeks before and he thought i needed a turn.  (i really think he just wanted me to drive to knoxville that weekend so he threw in "hey, let's go to buzzard bluff...but we will HAVE to bring your SUV or we can't go..."  and i fell for it.  i always do.

and here's where you come in..."from the lakes of minnesota, to the hills of tennessee...across the plains of texuuuussss..."  okay, lets' stop.  we get the picture.  literally.  see it?
it was real pretty.  and made me thankful for a lot of things.
1.  sight
2.  living in tennessee
3.  majestic mountians
4.  SUV's
5.  brakes.
when i see this picture i wanna sing, "and we were walkin' in high cotton...old times there are not forgotten, those fertile fields were never far away..."

is that cotton?
that's a cotton plant, i know it is.
 see what he does to me?  he pushes me to my limits.  really, do you HAVE to go that close to the ledge...and might i mention i was mega zoomin'...for i was not near that close.  

apparently darryl (that is the perfect tennessee name really.) and kathy liked that rock too.
such romantics.  oh darryl.
i like yo' silhouette.
"when i see you, i see the fingerprints of god...when i look at youuuuuu."  that is some retro steven curtis chapman for you on this tuesday morning.

or "o lord our lord how majestic is your name in all the earth..."  and that would be michael w. smith.
andrew made the hike back in the day.
jason.  did not.  he was not there.  not way, no how.  his name is crossed out, he was not at buzzard bluff.  jason and buzzard bluff do not mix.  not at all.
(dear jason, you should have thought about that before you go and write your name with black spray paint.  crossing it out is not that effective.  yours truly, morrison lane)
we SEE you.
can anyone guess when josh came to visit?
and justin and tori.  together forever.  heart. heart.  love love.
this just makes me want to sing a kenny chesney song at the top of my lungs.  anyone will do.  suggestions?
i think he was about to propose and then we drove up with he music blaring and wheels screeching and messed up his mojo.  sorry darryl, at least you got your name on the rock.  kathy will say yes.  she will.

buzzard bluff.  what a great day to end a sunday.

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Clare King said...

Was feeling nostalgic for my hills after living years on the Gulf Coast.

Thanks for sharing these great pictures. I love your images and I love the internet!


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