jessica's top 10 reasons to love the national in nashville.

1.  the gravely voice of lead singer matt berninger is perfection.

2.  the guitarist who flank each side of him are identical twin brothers.

3.  lead singer, matt berninger, said the previous night they had shared a venue with an arena that was doing the live mary poppins show.  he went on to say that there were a lot of inappropriate mary poppins jokes made last night and he would refrain from them tonight.  then he said, "so i dedicate this song to mary poppins and her mary poppins even real???"

4.  after the show, the violinist/keyboarder for the night walked me.  my partner in crime said, "you should ask him to sign your poster...nudge, nudge."  i said, "i don't have a pen.  (sorry charlie)"  he said, "but i do."  i got his autograph and we exchanged words and smiles.

5.  because matt can scream and it sounds awesome, and if any one else did it, it would sound rediculous.  

6.  when he does go into his screaming lyrics, it looks very much like he is having an all out temper tantrum, but he is just feeling the music.  and it is lovely.  as you watch, you can tell it is what he was born to do.

7.  on stage he talked about when he was a young man.  and then he went on to say, "i can be responsible for what i did when i was young...when i was in my thirties..."

okay, that's just funny.

8.  the camaraderie of the band on stage, they talked to each other as if they were genuine friends.  and even though it was me and thousands of their closest friends gathered to hear them sing, i felt just like perhaps they would still sing if it would have just been me.  even though, i am aware this is highly need to point that out.  thank you very much.

9.  the last song of the encore, they performed sans microphones and au natural.  just the national and the ryman.


10.  you are officially cool in my book, if you can crowd surf while singing wearing a suit.  

i mean, come on...could you do that?  and make it work?

yeah, me either.

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