so busy sans responsibility.

i had a great idea for a monday blog then i literally had no time to write it.  no time to write a blog and no time to work apparently.  seeing that that is where i am supposed to be right now.  like right this second.  (as i write)  but am home and writing because i clearly am a loser.

sunday was busy and ended about midnight, then monday started at six in the morning, then a drive to atlanta at eleven, a concert in the evening and then up and back to nashville again (then to work at one).

i was supposed to go to work at one today.  except i thought i was off for the entire day.  this has never happened to me.  i feel so irresponsible.  and just plain bad.  so i am here alone with my guilt.  when i could be playing with R2-D2 and learning the latest karate moves.

so since i am feeling guilty, i am going to work my tail off at home today.
-finish the laundry (two more loads)
-fold that laundry
-put that laundry away
-vacuum the floor where i folded that laundry
-dust the house where the laundry was folded and vacuum was run
-run (outside)
-do 'body by bethenny' because i got a tweet that it was 'on demand' now
-upload pictures for the past week, edit those pictures
-go to grocery store
-make vegetable lasagna for dinner

tomorrow i plan on working all day.  because that's what i do.  work for a livin'.

today, apparently, i just decided to take a break from responsibility.

tomorrow though.  you better watch out.

i am responsible.  i really am.

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