wednesday: 2-4 pm

i deal with temper tantrums on a daily basis.  temper tantrums are my life.  in dealing with temper tantrums, usually the end result is (1) time out or (2) a break in your room.  i know this.  i am a professional.

wednesday i had a temper tantrum.

here, let me start from the beginning.

i like to think that i am a pretty even keel girl.  happy go lucky even.  see the glass half full, try not to complain...pretty positive kinda girl.  then wednesday happened and that all changed.

i had a break from work on wednesday starting at 1:50.  i have a hard time doing things for me, so i thought...hmmm, i think i will go and see a movie.  (p.s.  if you have never been to a matinee alone, it is great.  do it.  you will love it.)  and that i did.  i was excited, a movie in the middle of a 'work day' what scandal!

i get to the movie just in the nick of time.  i even get m & m's which is another big NO-NO for reasons that i am sure you already know.  m & m's - no good for you.  i was feeling elaborate, so i gots me some candy.

i took my seat, the previews were on and the movie started.  and it was okay.  WHEN I COULD HEAR IT.  the couple behind me, we'll call them fred and wilma talked the whole way through.  and not a little talking, like samuel l. jackson narrating kinda talking only in a bad way.  fred would talk to the characters and offer them advise on what he would have done if he would have been said character and if that wasn't enough, he would lean over to wilma and tell her something funny and they would both laugh hysterically.

and they never took a breath.  never.  they talked and talked and talked.

so i gave the half turn and swinging of the hair, please be quiet move about ten minutes in.


then i had to resort to the full turn "yes, i am looking at you and would you please be quiet" and look.


thirty minutes later with no reprieve...

i gave the full turn and the clearing of the voice.

fred and wilma just kept on keeping on...

at this point, the movie is pointless...

because fred and wilma were the starring roles.

so the guy beside me gets up and leaves an hour in, just as i was considering it myself.

i was getting more and more frustrated.

my throat was starting to hurt from having to give them the 'uh hummm" so many times and my neck as well from having to give them the "look, we all paid to see this.  now WATCH IT." look.

to say i was irritated was nice.  i was bordering on all out temper tantrum.

so after trying and trying to 'enjoy' the movie, i left.

i left before the movie was over and i was mad and frustrated.  and mad and frustrated.

but because i am rational, i was trying to tell myself to chill, that it was no big deal.

so i went to kroger and bought some sushi.

and i was mad, i was frustrated, i could feel it.  i just was.

and on my drive home mad and frustrated, it hit me like a ton of bricks...i had to go to the restroom.  no big deal, i am almost home.

traffic.  a lot.

gas gage.  i need gas.

bathroom.  getting urgent.

traffic.  a lot.

prescription.  forgot to pick it up.

cell phone. ringing.

traffic.  bathroom.  prescription.  cell phone.  movie.


i made it home.  went to the bathroom and i took a time out.  started breathing in normal patterns again.  and slowly i began to see the glass half full again....

my only saving grace was this here blog and that i could tell you all about it so you could share my pain.

can i come out of time out now?

the end.

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