when i was little and a teenager, i always thought and said that it would be soooo fun if i married someone whose family lived close but far away so you had to drive "home for the holidays" listening to amy grants christmas cd the whole way, of course.  who do you take me for?  with my entire family being in clarksville, tennessee, in the same area, there was never much travel for the holidays.

so imagine my delight this year when i had to go "home for the holidays" with brad to his home in farragut, tennessee.  it was perfect, driving home thanksgiving morning, then having dinner with his family followed by going to visit more family, then finishing off the evening with a trip to the movies.  the movie choice of thanksgiving was "love and other drugs."  all in all, perfect thanksgiving holiday for me.  one i have literally dreamed about.

don't worry, we did not forget my family, that happened wednesday night.  and how wonderful was it to have my love driving to clarksville with me by his side, going to see my family.  all having a meal together, holding hands and saying the blessing together, just being together.  perfection.

speaking of perfection.  or maybe a hiccup in perfection...

as we were all holding hands saying the blessing at my parents house, you, my brother, his wife, her sister, two of my three nephews, alicia,  brad, jerry and wilmuth, dad, mom...just a few of my closest family members...  mom says the blessing.

the blessing for the food and also some thankfulness.  she thanked jesus for a plethora of things not to forget "and jesus we are especially thankful to have a new son-in-law this year and a new grand-daughter soon..."

all ten sets of eyes including brad's popped open and looked at me, mom still deep in her prayer.  i mouthed to all of them, as i wiped sweat from my brow, and she is still moving on thanking god for more blessings, "i have no idea what she is talking about!"

i have no idea what else she thanked jesus for after the grand-daughter, because that's where she lost me and everyone else in the room.

so as soon as amen was heard we all looked at her for an explanation, myself more than any others, "MOM, what are YOU talking about!?"  

"you know jessica, alicia, she is marrying seth, we will have a new grand-daughter!"

"ohhhhhh, okay...."

and then and there i thanked the lord for clarity.

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