going to the chapel: chapter 8

did i tell you that we had to change the date?  we did.  the new date is april second two thousand eleven.  that looks pretty all written out too, right?  tell me it does.  it was so hard to find a reception venue and once we did - when they said it was booked on march twenty-sixth, the first thing i said was "we can change the date!"  problem solved.

now if i can just get the little lady that owns the little country church where we are getting married to call me back.

and just in case you are absolutely DYING to buy us a gift, we have registered everywhere!  target, belk and williams-sonoma.  now thats what i call exciting!

brad is concerned that we are going to get presents together this year instead of our own.  i am a little worried as well.  not gonna lie, if i got that kitchen aid mixer that i registered for for US - i would not be disappointed, in the least.  and neither would brad when i made him all kinda of scrumptious things.  (mom if you are reading, hint, hint...oh wait - MOM?  did you get a computer?  did you know i have a blog?  do you know what a blog is?  oh nevermind...)

all the bridesmaid dresses have been ordered and most received, we scathed an emergency when the website was only showing that they had XXS when we needed to return three for not XXS.  thank goodness, they replenished their stock, we got a wedding to dress people.

the groomsmen have all been appointed as well, outfits picked out and we have three ordered.

the groom has ordered his attire as well.  i know!  he can come to the wedding now!

the bride though, that gal is having all kinda of trouble figuring out a dress.  i thought i had a plan, a dress and idea, now i am thinking i want to scrap that idea.  i thought i had found the perfect dress that i loved and now it has disappeared online, the website and everything...so now i am going to actually have to go out and look.  gracious.  the problems.

also, the invitations have been picked out and now am just waiting for the little lady at the little country church to call me back with the address so i can follow through and finish my order.  if there is an address to the church...?

all in all, there is your weekly update, it's all coming together.  if you would have asked me about the wedding three weeks ago, i might have started crying...today though, we have made so much progress!

most importantly, on april second we will be married!
and most most importantly, on april third we will be on a plane headed to hawaii...

after all, the LOST filming locations are getting tired of waiting on us.

the groom a few years ago...isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen?

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