trust and believe.

when learning to walk, first you have to trust and believe.

trust the footing on which you are walking and believe that you can do it.  watching lil' bit take her first consistent steps this week and then becoming a non-crawler to a 100% walker makes me stop everything i am doing just to watch her.

she sometimes falls the same amount of steps she takes.  if not more.

but no matter what, after every fall, she stands up and smiles, throws her arms out and puts her best foot forward.  two steps later she falls again and the process starts over.

that's a lot like my life.  i trust and believe in most all i do, but getting to the goal, i fall - gather myself and start again.  then i fall, gather myself and start again.

but isn't that life?

what's behind us "walking" is the belief and trust that "we can" achieve that goal that seems so insurmountable.  with every step back, or every fall, as long as you keep your eyes on the prize, you eventually get there and reach your potential.

because when i say to lil' bit, "walk to ms. jessica.  walk to me." with my arms outstretched,  no matter how close or how far away she will stop what she is doing and walk.  and whether it takes her two minutes or ten to get to me, she gets to me.

because i am her prize.  the hug and kiss and the excitement she feels from me, is enough to keep her going time and time again.

and those goals, those dreams, that all seem so unattainable - once we have achieved those dreams,  the getting there will just be part of your story.

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