the busy season.

its the christmas season, and in the world of a nanny, that means its your busy season.
the busy season, different from the seasons when new babies are born, and school is out for the summer. (insert sarcasm here)
you're busy, night and day.
it's you and the chil'hen.
so during the day, its me and her.
she and i.
all day long.
we are tight, inseparable.
she just made a commitment to shoes.  before it was warm and she crawled all over, so shoes were not a necessity.
the other day, she walked up the the tv, turned it on, walked back to the couch crawled up and perched herself up like so (see above picture) and watched her show.
gosh i love her.
girlfriend is walking.  walking all over.  in her shoes.
following me all over.
following me, and fussing because because before i had to carry her out of necessity, now i make her walk.

so yes, the busy season is here, but if you had to spend your busy season with this piece of pumpkin pie, that just might make december your favorite month.

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Alicia said...

my sweet lilly used to have those shoes! they are by far my favorite shoes she's ever had! love them!

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