recently, i had a conversation that i did not want to have.  i did not want to bring it up and was uncomfortable talking about it.  start to finish.

i was confronted.  in love.

love that sees me for who i am and what i will become.  love that loves me unconditionally.

the words hurt though.  they stung.  they broke me.

emotions that i had pushed back for most of my life came flowing to the surface like a fountain.  and the wounds were reopened and the healing process has to start fresh.

old wounds, re-injured always hurt more.

the love that spoke truth to me with words i never wanted to hear again, told me that even though the words stung, the words hurt, they needed to be said.  the difference in the words today verses years ago were also words like  "you are enough"  "i love you"  "i am here always."  and they were spoken in kindness.

and when paired with the sting of truth the wound isn't so bad.  and the healing process so long.  because  what i have feared my whole life of never being enough,  love assured me that i am.

the wound is open again and still raw.  but i will heal because of truth.

and truth, in the end, is what sets you free.

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