going to the chapel: chapter 9

i have no idea how the bride on a budget plans a wedding a year away.  because getting everything together in less than five months is mind boggling.  i never dreamt (when i was dreaming about this) about this part.  because lawsy mercy, the planning and figuring out and visioning how everything is going to look on april second, and knowing YOU are the one that did it, made the big decisions...is, in fact, mind boggling.

if you have planned a wedding, you know what i am talking about.

if you have not planned a wedding, prepare yourself now.   go ahead and reserve the table cloths.  you're gonna need them.

other than feeling overwhelmed, here's the good news!  brad is dressed now, as am i!


yes, i found a dress...i did!  i know!

bessie, mikayla and myself went dress shopping on saturday.  we really went just so i could prove to myself that there was nothing that i would want out there.  i had planned on my aunt, who makes wedding dresses, to make my dress, but i just wanted to try some on and see that the look i was going for was, in fact, the dress that looked the best on me.

i was wrong.  good thing i went and tried some on, for when i saw that dress, and put it on, i fell in love. mostly because i felt like a bride in the dress and also because i thought brad would love it.  so now i own that dress, like have it in my possession.

i own a wedding dress!  that is nuts!

on february 13th, i go for alterations and make everything all fit and tight and uncomfortable so i will look HOT come april second - so that means that i am also no longer eating and doing lots of arm exercises.

i want to tell you what it looks like.

i want to show you a picture of ME in a WEDDING DRESS,


brad just might come over and read today and we can't let him see.

so i will tell you this, its white.  ivory, really.

can you see it?  i know you do!

i do know that i am ready for christmas to get here and the new year, so the 2011 year can begin, with showers and parties and fun galore.

bring on wedding season!  so excited to share this journey with you all!

if i had a construction paper chain today i would be tearing off the seventh link.
i love those things!

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