rather unfortunate.

today as soon as i awoke, i ran upstairs and made lunch.  as i had slathered the last piece of bread with peanut butter, i hit the glass of water that i was drinking, knocked it over onto the sandwich and had to start over.  sandwich two was a success.

then as soon as i got to work, i was making lil bit a bottle, poured the milk to overflowing and when i reached down to get a towel to clean up my mess, my hair became a paintbrush for the milk.  so for the next ten minutes i tried to get my hair to remain uncrunchy for the remainder of the day.

as i was running my fingers through my soured milk hair, i noticed that there was a huge mess on the side of the suede chair in the living room.  a huge mess made when one of the little fellas hit my arm while i was eating soup the other night, a mess that i thought i had cleaned up well.  i had not.

so with my soured hair, all crunchy, i cleaned the chair for the second time.

and as i was cleaning and thinking about my rather unfortunate incidents that happened throughout my day, it made me think of this...

when i was a little girl, my mom was making me cereal for breakfast, she poured the cheerios into my bowl and then poured buttermilk on top.

"mom!!!  you poured buttermilk!"

then she took the bowl while we were both laughing and poured me another bowl of cereal when i looked into the bowl, the surrounding liquid was orange, as in orange juice.


next, she got it right and poured milk into my cereal.

we all have our days.  yesterday just happened to be mine.

p.s.  my mom drinks buttermilk like its going out of style.  she loves it.  gross.

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