lil' bit has just discovered the tv.  and it is a box that is entertaining at the control of a button.  she has also learned that she can annoy her brothers to no end, if she pushes the 'off' button while her brothers are playing wii or watching a movie.
really the possibilities are endless for her.
last week, she walked up to the tv, turned it on and proceeded to walk to the couch, climb up and watch the program that was on.
{it happened to be on disney, so she lucked out}
then and there she had her first experience with mickey mouse.
she was enthralled.

since i am a schedule oriented girl and think that one of the most important thing you can give to children is consistentsy, recently we have been watching 20 minutes of barney {her favorite} when lil bit wake up from her morning nap.  mostly to let her wake up and then, of course, to snuggle.

but, then, the other day i wavered from our norm.  the construction was too loud and i thought going to play far away from the noise might be a better solution.  so i grabbed her and we headed to her brothers room to play.  as soon as i shut the door, she looked at me, i looked at her and she put her head to the ground very dramatic like and said, "harney, harney."
needless to say, for the next twenty minutes, we listened to a lot of hammers, saws and banging...and watched harney.

and all was right with the world.

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