going to the chapel: chapter 1

i've decided that i will probably want to write about wedding plans daily from here on out, i also have decided that you all will not want to hear about this daily from here on out.  but i have, in fact, decided that you will need a once weekly update.  and i am prepared to do that.  just because i love ya.

so wednesdays are the day.  every wednesdays, i will give you all i have in the latest in my planning.  this way brad will also know to skip this day in reading as he will get enough of my daily updates.  yes, i know.  he is a lucky lucky man.

bless his heart.


i have to tell you between the two of us, we have gotten more congratulations and best wishes than i can count.  so many of my sappy girl friends were in tears knowing how long this has been one of the desires of my heart.  everything you all said to me was so heart felt and i appreciate you all and can't wait til we can all have a fun night when we get married.  

but what i wanted to share with you was one note in particular that i received just hours after brad asked me to marry him.  

the note was from my pastor's (growing up) son who is my age today.  when i opened his note, my eyes instantly welled up with tears and i have read it over and over again.  you will cry too.  promise.
Jess- I just got done reading about 7 more of your blog posts. I am absolutely amazed and awed at what a creative soul you are. You are such a sensitive writer- I've cried more than once while reading the thoughts that you are so generous to share. Your love for your parents (especially your precious father) is beyond touching. It moves me at a place so deep it is difficult to speak about. Though I haven't seen you in years, you are, and will remain, one of the most constant, happy memories of my childhood (ours having been more alike than most would ever understand). I will always have the deepest respect for everything Morrison Lane stands for- and I wish and pray for all the happiness in the world for you and your betrothed. What a lucky, lucky man. May god make his face to shine upon you. And (in the words of your precious father) may he be praised, continually. You are a testament to both Roy and Jane. All my love, Dustin
there i go the tears are welling up again.  

wow, huh?

next week:  location, location, location.  and do we have a date?

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