randomography from the road.

so as excited as i was to go on this jaunt with you know who, i was also excited to see


{i have a hard time pronouncing the 'mc' in mcdonalds and say MACdonalds.  i know it is wrong.  if you hear me say it, please do not correct me.  i know i know.  this weekend, i also happened to say the word mcminnville, only i said MACminnville and you know who laughed at me.  which is not nice.  not nice at all SIR.  he offered no apologies.}
this MACdonalds (thank you very much) was featured on the travel channel a few years ago for its niceness and wow factor, with a fire place and environment to match.  so as excited as i was that we were across from the biltmore, i made brad SLAMMMM on his brakes when i saw this place (he loves it when i do that), because i have been wanting to see it far longer than i have been wanting to see the biltmore.  

it's history people.  MACdonalds have been around a long time.

but i was so let down, samantha harris and the travel channel made it look so so cool and it was nicer than the MACdonalds in east nashville.  yes.  but nothing to write home about.

or write a blog about...

moving on...

you may or may not know this, but i have always called my only brother 'bubba.'  i am the only person that calls hims this, as it is not his nickname, he is just my bubba.  always has been always will be.  so i made a point of letting him know this to the whole city of pigeon forge, tennessee.

he can thank me later.
and no, these are not myself and two of my closest friends.  good try.  bless their hearts, i think they thought they looked cute, and maybe they did.  and i was a non participator with a bad attitude, but girls, girls, girls...
 and all i have to say about this is...if you watch LOST, or have watched LOST, this should concern you.  because well...it just should.  because smoke monsters are not nice.  i thought they were only on islands and here it was in gatlinburg.  lawsy mercy.
and this little guy, we'll call him eagle eye for no reasons other than the obvious.

he is an eagle.

he has eyes.

i am all creative like that.

hey there, little eagle eye...smile for the camera...
 such a prude.

he thought we were going in here.  he also told me that it was not that scary.  and i believed him.  because i am a good girlfriend.  
good girlfriend?


no longer...now i am a fiance.
here's the homeless looking, dirty, in need of make up and a hair do jessica proof.  this is one second after that cute boy asked me to marry him.

i thought if i made it black and white it, it might make me look better.

sorry for your luck (as one of the little fellas says to me on a daily basis...)

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