going to the chapel: chapter 3

yesterday while brad was at work he sent me an email that said, "we should go ahead and register at target tonight, so you can mark that off your list."  since i thought he was near death or being forced to type that, i agreed.  also because...helloooo...registering at target.  i have waited my whole life to REGISTER AT TARGET!!!

i mean...marry the man of my dreams.  yes, marry the man of my dreams.  
that's what i meant to say.
(good thing brad doesn't read on wednesdays.  shew.)

i am happy to report, we are now registered at target.  i want the kitchen aid mixer the very most.  please?  i'll cook you dinner and bake you a cake.  it's so pretty.  really, it is.  like really really.

and i even let brad be in charge of the scanner.  i told him what to scan of course.  who do you take me for? we gots a house to decorate.  no we don't, but it sounded so catchy...

i felt very "look, i have a target 'i am getting married' scanner" in my hand while i was there, and i was hoping that everyone was noticing.

oh and they were noticing.

and i smiled politely and nudged for brad to hand me back MY scanner...

then i realized WHAT they were noticing.  it was me.  not the scanner.

i had snot smeared from one side to the other, courtesy of a sick lil bit today and no make up and basically an unkept, homeless look.  when the guy set us up with the scanner, i thought he was very energetic in his congrats.  what he really was saying was "dude, really?  is she homeless?  and wow, lady, you did good."  

i plan on going back to that place when i am dressed sans snot and show him.  that i have more to show for myself than a target scanner.  

good thing, brad didn't suggest williams-sonoma tonight.  i would have just had to say "no."  because, really...i was that scary.  and snot doesn't come off.  after registering, we went to dinner because i like to show off when i have snot on my chest.  

in other news, i didn't have to stress about spilling something on myself.


finding a reception venue is NO JOKE.  we have the church, but i am close to just saying, "thanks for coming, we will see y'all later" after the "i do's" for this task at hand is almost impossible.  we will find the perfect place, i know this...but my goodness gracious.  nightly i stare at the computer screen looking and looking and waiting and waiting for emails back.

which everything was as easy as holding a scanner and pressing a button. 

this weekend, i am going to smile real pretty and bat my eyes and maybe, just maybe we can register at williams-sonoma and macy's.

because macy's has these:
and dinner will taste much, much better once these are in our life.

and p.s.  all my bridesmaids have ordered their dresses but one, so we are on the ball!  here is what they will look like:
and of course, i will have to "funk" it up with some crazy accessories.

and our two nine year old girls (we are calling them junior bridesmaids for the sake of they are waaaaay to big to even be thought of being flower girls) will be wearing:

and that's all i got for you.

bride has no dress.
groom is unclothed as well.
groomsmen, well you guessed it.
flower children:  naked.

look, i've been busy.

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