going to the chapel: chapter 2

no one ever told me that the minute you get engaged, your head goes to mush if you are responsible for planning your own wedding on a budget.  thank you all who have went on before me and never told me this.  i hate you.

but i forgive you now.

see that is my head as of late.

we have figured out the location.  we have.  twice.  but now we are standing firm on our decision.  as soon as i called my aunt to confirm her land, we changed our mind.

we will be getting married on march twenty sixth two thousand eleven (doesn't that look all pretty written out, i am a sucker for letters.  i have issues, but this you already know) at the location where we first met each other.

how cool is that?  i talked to the little lady that owns this church and she said it is ours on march twenty-sixth and we could not be happier.  the only thing she asked, is please do not re-arrange anything, like the stove that is on the stage.  so please over look the stove 

that is on the stage.

we met on the set of my friend jen's film.  she was filming a movie set in the 1930's.  a wedding actually.    i was the hair and make- up girl and brad was an extra.  here are a few pictures i shot that day, of the church and brad, the first time i saw him.
 during the filming of the wedding scenes.
 brad the first day i met him.
 the 'faux' bride and groom for the movie.
 lights, camera, action!
 another shot of the lovely church.
come march twenty sixth, this will be us...

isn't the location perfect?  don't you love it?


FreeFlying said...

I DO love it! What a romantic idea!

Erin Richardson said...

This is SO where you need to get married. Just how I pictured it. I can't wait (of course, I fully realize that we may not be invited, but I still can't wait!) Erin

jessica said...

you know me, lacie...romantic. :-) i think it will be fun. possibly cold, but fun!

thanks erin...and you are ON the invite list! no worries, mikayla has to have a supporting cast!

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