baby whispering 101

as parents, {i am writing from a parents perspective here, i don't have any chil'hen that i have been hiding from you and not telling you about.  promise.} you live for the milestones in your child(ren)'s life, especially that first year.  you know, when they smile, roll over, sit up, SPIT UP, poop on you...just life with your baby.  

which also makes me want to sing, "i live for little moments like that...."  thank you brad paisley.

and then those first steps.  i mean, COME ON.  it does not get better than that.

with arms outstretched saying, "come on, walk to me, you can do it...come on."  and then different from all the times previous, they actually believe you and do it.  and take those first steps that you (as their parent) will talk about for a life time.


this happens.



this is lil' bit taking her first steps to none other than mr. bwad.

and me in the background in disbelief saying "that is just not right!"
because.  that is JUST not right.

can you imagine?  not only were her first steps NOT to her parents, NOT TO HER NANNY, but to her nanny's boyfriend!  i mean, come on!

at least we like him around these parts.

tonight he is going to teach her to skip.

at least that's what he told me.


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brad d said...

love it!

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