the pfunky griddle

yesterday, one of the little fellas had a date with mom, so i grabbed the other two and we headed for the pfunky griddle.  it wasn't easy to talk them into it, but when i told them mr. bwad and i go there sometimes, they were game (well, he was game...lil' bit was just along for the ride.)
 he made a good choice and decided to go healthy and ordered chocolate chips and reeses peanut butter pieces in his pancakes.  {and as a matter of fact, i have the left over candies in my car still...}  i ordered pancakes with apricots.
 she ordered one coach clutch and a set of car keys with a straw on the side.
 but then she was like "hol up, i's fink i might be missin' some goo'ness."  so he offered her a bite of his chocolate gooey mess.  then he offered her another and another.  she loved it.
so, me being the nanny and all.  offered her some of my multigrain with apricots pancakes.  she spit it right out and begged for more of the goo.
 teaching them to be independent, one cup of syrup at a time.
 good thing we were the only ones there, because before we left we redecorated a little.  who doesn't want a train of chairs in the main dining area?  you can thank us later, dude.
and after all that chocolate goodness, and redecorating.
we couldn't even make it home before the full belly set in...

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