happiness in pictures.

from top to bottom, these pictures make me laugh, they make me happy.  here's why:
this guy was our cruise director when bessie and i went on a cruse a couple of years ago.  which should really make me cry, seeing that i am not on a cruse right at this moment.  because i wish i was, isn't he great?  and he had this attitude for a whole week.
once i wrote a blog about brad and i traveling, i posted a picture of him doing a crossword puzzle and then i posted this picture of "me" just hanging out.  hahaha.  haha.  ha.  
and yes, i am a dead ringer for cindy.
and if he could squeeze his face off, he would.  today he accidently kicked him three times.  "and and and i promise ms. jethica, i didn't see him there, my leg just slipped!"  
"three times?"
"yeth, ma'am."
and because i love this little guy.
i love that little one and that big un too.
"help me, me. jethica.  help me."
did i mention i was a beauty school drop out?  you can't use tape?
for obvious reasons.
they were on "bacation".  duh... the couch was their car.  they made sure they packed their shoes.
this is me as of late.  or what i would like to do.
gotta love the hair first thang.

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