the sky is falling.

today the ceiling collapsed.


in the house where i nanny, they are finishing the upstairs of the house.  construction has been going on about a week.  i forgot how much i like the silence.  love the silence.  progress jessica, that's what i keep telling myself.  

friday, i had just laid the baby down to nap and i had walked bak to the living room to straighten the pillows on the couch for the thirtieth time of the day (yes, and that might not be an exaggeration) when i heard the most horrific sound.  

1.  it was a bone chilling, make you stop in your tracks sound.
2.  i was as far away from the baby as i ever get, because she was in her room sleeping and that was the direction from where the sound came.

as quick as i could run, i raced to her room to make sure the crib had not collapsed, she had not fallen out, something.  she was the only other human in the house so i thought it had to be something with her.  she was still sleeping soundly.  so i leave her room, ever so quietly and look to left and see this:


this is the formal living room.

being the calm nature that i am, i remained calm and ran again to check on the baby who was still sleeping soundly in the only room that was not covered in dust from the collapse - and ran upstairs to the workers who were....working.  

they did not understand me because of a language barrier.

so as quickly, and as expressively as i could i said "COME."  

they followed me downstairs and we all looked at each other for what seemed like forever, but was really only a few seconds.  they acted quickly and professionally and called their supervisor.

i, on the other hand, had to call the little fellas and lil bits mom.

this is what i said, "something really bad just happened.  lil bit is fine, but the ceiling in the living room just collapsed.  and like its bad.  like all the furniture is covered with debris.  like bad."

my inner valley girl likes to make an appearance every now and again when i am rattled or excited.

and like that is a call i have never like made before.  

i am still a little rattled.

as rattled as we all were and freaked out as well.  we were and are so very thankful.
thankful that the fellas were at school.
thankful that it was not lil bits room where she was sleeping next door.
thankful that it did not collapse on me.
thankful that no one was hurt.

the outcome could have been much much different.

{on sunday, we found out from the engineer that came in that lil bits room ceiling is "floating" and not attached to anything.  so there is no reason that it did not fall on her while she was sleeping other than a miracle.}

and while everyone else had to stay in the house friday to figure out what to do next, as soon as little bit woke up, i grabbed her and her cute self and we sent outside and enjoyed the beautiful day.

after all, her nanny was fried. 

uzzz, ms. jessica?  you ever did dis before?

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