steven got a parrot.

steven got a parrot a little before thanksgiving.  the parrot coming direct from the pet store had learned a few bad tricks, mostly in speech.  he would curse non stop.  and steven being a preacher was not going to stand for this, so after several threats and training to teach the parrot new speech patterns.  he finally at his wits end said to the parrot, "if i hear you say *(&^% one more time, i am going to put you in the freezer to teach you a lesson!"

that afternoon when steven got home from church, he was at it again.  cursing and saying undesirable words.  at his wits end, steven grabbed that parrot by the neck, opened that freezer door and forcefully put the parrot in the freezer.  slammed the door shut.

i'll teach him! steven though to himself.

after about twenty minutes steven opened the freezer and looked in.  the parrot, blinking ice crystals out of his eyes and twitching from the cold looked at steven.

steven look at him.

steven, still frustrated, said, "do you have ANYTHING to say for yourself?"

"yeah, what'd that TURKEY do?"

and that my friends is your thanksgiving joke.  my dad tells it every year...

*no animals were hurt in the writing of this joke for it is all pretend and the actual events did not happen.


eat too much turkey!

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