going to the chapel: chapter 7

P is for Progess.

R is for Reception venue booked.

up until last saturday i had never heard of kentucky downs.  well, that is actually a lie.  seems like in the very back of my mind i had, but not really.  now.  i love that place for it will be the first place mr. dukes and i will go as husband and wife to get our partaaaay started, and what you might refer to as the reception.  for it is booked.  paid for.  and come april second it is ours for the day.  what a relief, what a relief!  actually come march 31, it's ours because he (bob - the dude in charge) said we could decorate that early.  he also gave me tips on decorating.  which i appreciated.  thank you bob.

we even drove by the church where we will say our nuptials and it is still standing and with in walking distance to the downs.  can i get an AMEN!?  a SHOUT OUT!?  SOMETHING?

this whole wedding planning this is easy, peasy.  (please see chapters 1-6)

don't judge.

so folks, all that is left is the fun stuff, the invites, the parties, the decorating...and about one thousand other things.

no big deal.  i got this.

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