going to the chapel: chapter 6

i remember going to work that following monday thinking, i have got to get in contact with ryan's friend, even telling my boss.  i didn't feel an urgency to know him the day i met him, but then after the fact, i could not stop thinking about him.

so i did what any girl would do.  created a reason to contact him (gossip on the set) and then asked ryan if he minded giving me his email address. i asked ryan publicly on facebook, so he would not think i was being a "girl" or anything of the sort...  god forbid.

so that monday, after meeting him on that saturday, i shot off an email telling him some gossip that i had learned on set the next day while he was not there.  immediately, i got an email back.  and for the next six or so weeks, we emailed back and forth.  even while he was on vacation with his family. (too which i determined...must be loooovvvveeee.)  we often mentioned going out with jen and ryan and getting together, but i think we really enjoyed chatting as much as anything and really...what was the hurry?

after a while, we decided that he was going to come over and "hang out" one sunday while the masters were on.  that day was the first day we had seen each other since our initial meeting.  it was easter sunday, so of course i got all kind of yummy candy that i happened to "just have" and put it all over.  i thought his own easter basket might be over the top.  {and yes, i did consider it.}

before we met, i was asking a mutual friend about him and he said, "he is the kindest guy i have ever met.  i don't think he has ever been mean to anyone."

and we had a good, fun night.  we talked forever and just had a good time.

and so started a wonderful friendship.  that took us to los angeles and back and concerts all over.  and soon enough, we were together all the time.  friends though.  nothing more, nothing less.

after a few months, i really started to develop feelings for him,  but because we had such a great friendship, was willing to be his friend (yeah right, i know i know...) if that is what life was handing me.  because i genuinely liked who he was and spending time with him.  i knew he wanted to be my friend and nothing more.  he never indicated anything else, but with time on my end the feelings were really starting to develop.

fast forward a few more months, he told me he loved me.  when he told me, it was night, we were at his apartment.  the first thing i said, "will you love me in the morning?"  he said, "yes."  and then i said, "i love you too, i have loved you a long time."  and he said, "i know, i could tell."

and from before that and especially that day on, he had me hook, line and sinker.  and he knew it (and knows it today as well!)!  i love him and every day i feel so blessed to be a part of his life and now to be the one that he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with...

poor boy, i waited til after the ring to tell him that i have always wanted twelve kids.

that's a joke, people.  kinda.

all of my life, i have dreamed that somehow
love would find me, and i can't believe your
standing here.  
if beauty is all in the eyes, of the beholder,
than i, 
am beholding true beauty...
                                          -geoff moore and the distance

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